FESTA CORTESE is the early dance and music group in Lithuania. It propagates the early European dances and culture.

The group‘s repertoire consists of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque dances, music and poetry. Early dances are court dances that need special knowledge to perform them. We can be thankful to some dance masters as Domenico da Piacenso in 15th century and Fabritio Caroso, Antonio Negri in 16th century and of course baroque dance notation according to Raoul Auger Feuillet which left us a great possibility to recreate early dances.
To create our performances we read various treatises from different centuries and especially literature of famous English and French authors of 16th and 17th centuries and we try to get deeper to understand life in the early society.

In 2000 we performed the Renaissance play “Venetian marriage” according to W. Shakespeare “The Merchant of Venice”.

In 2001 “Festa Cortese” joined modern dance and Renaissance dances and got the project called “The dream”.

In 2003 the group performed the first medieval dances project called “Branles” and also a play of XV century dances and songs.

In 2008 the group performed “An outline of Baroque art and dances”

Festa Cortese has special costumes of all centuries so, it makes all performances more original and attractive. Furthermore the performances are created with a big love and devotion to such art form.